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From tandem flatbeds, to multi-axles, to B & A-train combinations, to single drop decks, to our latest addition the MAC-Xtender, the MAC aluminum flatbeds have earned their stripes through a reputation for being a trailer of structural strength appealing to a spectrum of transporters. Our 200,000 square foot facility located in Salem, Ohio, with state of the art manufacturing capabilities, has already exceeded expectations and is currently being applauded by the market as a leader in platforms.


TANDEM PLATFORMS – Leading the MAC line-up, the tandem flat is recognized as the benchmark of aluminum platforms in North America. This premium trailer, whether built with the M-52, M-60, M-72 or M-80 main beams, is engineered to handle evenly distributed material loads such as lumber, skids of shingles, block or bagged sand too extreme concentrated steel coil loads. MAC has earned the proud reputation for holding its arch under the most severe of loads.

STEP DECK PLATFORMS – MAC provides a lightweight, high load capacity drop deck trailer to meet today’s unique and special load demands. MAC’s special process of forming the all aluminum neck prior to the final heat treatment of the metal, intern maintains the strength properties of the alloy and enhances the structural integrity of the design. The step deck is available in overall lengths from 40’ to 53’ with 10’ and 11’ upper deck lengths. With rear deck height options of 40” with 255/70R22.5 tires to 37” with 19.5 tires and 35” with 17.5 tires, the MAC drop deck offers a wide capability of load choices and opportunities.

MULTI-AXLE PLATFORMS – If you haul coils, block or heavy materials, you need an extreme trailer that can handle extreme loads – you need a MAC. The heavy haul market requires a trailer that will handle the most robust of loads and that is why you will see more fleets and owner operators pulling the MAC 29” M-72 & M-80 beamed trailers. Whether you are pulling a single trailer, B-Train or need to meet the Canadian SPIF requirements, the MAC multi-axle platform trailer should be your choice, as it has earned its stripes in North America as the leader throughout the industry of heavy material haulers.

Mac Trailers OntarioMAC-XTENDER – MAC has designed and field tested the world’s first all aluminum extendable flatbed. The “Patent Pending” MAC Xtender offers 48’-80’ and 53’-89’ designs, with the 48’-80’ having a true base weight of 12,130 lbs. This provides a 3,500 to 4,000 lb. weight advantage over traditional steel stretch trailers; which allows the capability of a profitable backhaul when in the collapsed position, and offering a 4’ concentrated load capacity of over 50K when in the closed position.